Episode 9—Why I’m Glad My Daughter Slapped Me In The Face. HARD!


We teach our daughters how to be polite, and cute, and respectful, and kind, and warm, and fuzzy. But what about the times when it is absolutely necessary that they become strong, and forceful, and direct, and bold, and defiant, and assertive, and maybe even offensive.

Little girls hear over and over (sometimes indirectly and sometimes overtly) that they need to do whatever needs to be done to be liked and accepted.

Being alone has somehow become the ultimate sin.

And so, little girls learn to compromise themselves. They compromise their self worth, their safety, their trust in themselves, their self confidence, their personal space, their morals, and their faith.

But not every time.

In this episode

  • you’ll get to hear what it sounds like when a young woman does NOT allow someone to compromise herself.
  • You’ll get to see what a proud father looks like
  • You’ll gain permission to respond to your world in the same way.

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Episode 8—Boundaries, Expectations, and Consequences


In our family, we do this weird thing and expect our kids to follow through on the responsibilities they’ve chosen. Taking out the trash. Cleaning the bathrooms. Washing the towels. And my daughter’s primary responsibility—cleaning the kitchen.

Sometimes she does a good job on this. Sometimes, not-so-much.

The battle has been the same for millennium—getting kids to a point where they start acting like responsible adults. Instead of hassling them, guilting them, nagging them, threatening them, begging them, bribing them, or manipulating them, there is a better way.

In This Episode

  • “We want you to have freedom as another adult in the family.”
  • How we approach kids when they’re lacking.
  • Slipping back into kid mode
  • Why my daughter actually likes boundaries and consequences
  • Technology Sabbath

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Episode 7—How To Promote Open Communication Between Dads & Daughters


One of the things that is most important to me as a father is knowing that my daughter is willing to share with me parts of her life. Even the parts that are not pleasant or comfortable.

Knowing that my daughter would choose to go through her struggles alone because I wasn’t open, receptive or safe enough to approach would be probably kill me.

The key to promoting open communication between you and your daughter is being open and vulnerable with her in the first place. She will only open up to you the amount that you are willing to open up to her.

In This Episode

  • Failures don’t define us.
  • “I’m worthless” is a common fear for most young women.
  • Being vulnerable is terrifying no matter who you are.
  • The freedom of being a flawed parent

Episode 6—3 Things I Want A Man To Offer My Daughter


I’ll admit, right now, that it is going to be very difficult to let another man take responsibility for my daughter’s heart. I am very protective of it and I don’t want her to get hurt.

But like we’ve discussed in previous episodes of the podcast, letting go is a must. It demonstrates to my daughter that I trust her discernment and her ability to take care of herself. Mistakes are also is a necessary part of any young relationship, and she needs to move through them with her new boyfriend/husband, whenever he shows up. [Read more...]

Episode 4—Learning to Drive & Listening To Feelings (at the same time)


“HOW you do things is just as important as WHAT you do.”

As I am teaching my daughter to drive, there are moments (few and far between, of course) where I get a little “intense” with her because of a mistake or something important she has missed (driving into oncoming traffic for example). While I am not MAD at her, my intensity still has a tendency to hurt her feelings. [Read more...]

Episode 1—Introductions


Welcome to Episode 1 of the DaddyDaughter101 Podcast

When I suggested we do a podcast together, my daughter said ‘Yes’ before I could finish the sentence. I am pleased to say that in this podcast series, you will get to learn as much from my daughter as I have. [Read more...]