I believe there are things that every young woman needs to hear from her father. DaddyDaughter101 is my opportunity to say those things to my daughter, Mychal.

Hi, I’m Paul.

My day job is a counselor in Portland, Oregon. I specialize in trauma and abuse recovery for men and women. But my real job is being a husband to my wife, Shannon, and raising our four kids.

Mychal, my daughter, is the oldest of the four. Since she’s had to endure the parental learning curve, I have to apologize to her a lot more than the other three boys.

Mychal graduated from high school in 2013 and is planning on doing some schooling in England within the next year (you’ll hear us refer to the Irish Duke that she’s going to meet and fall in love with).

In the mean time, we are just doing life—Fathering and daughtering together.