Episode 7—How To Promote Open Communication Between Dads & Daughters


One of the things that is most important to me as a father is knowing that my daughter is willing to share with me parts of her life. Even the parts that are not pleasant or comfortable.

Knowing that my daughter would choose to go through her struggles alone because I wasn’t open, receptive or safe enough to approach would be probably kill me.

The key to promoting open communication between you and your daughter is being open and vulnerable with her in the first place. She will only open up to you the amount that you are willing to open up to her.

In This Episode

  • Failures don’t define us.
  • “I’m worthless” is a common fear for most young women.
  • Being vulnerable is terrifying no matter who you are.
  • The freedom of being a flawed parent


  1. Megan says

    Mychal, you are such a treasure. Thank you for speaking so eloquently about what it feels like to be vulnerable, even when it is with someone that you know cares for you. I feel like hearing your perspective helped me not feel so alone in my own healing. Your heart is so valuable, and your insight is really special, I hope that you will always feel empowered to speak truth in love to those around you because you have a gift of putting convoluted feelings into tangible and non ambiguous thoughts. Thank you for sharing your heart and sharing your relationship with your dad.

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