Episode 9—Why I’m Glad My Daughter Slapped Me In The Face. HARD!


We teach our daughters how to be polite, and cute, and respectful, and kind, and warm, and fuzzy. But what about the times when it is absolutely necessary that they become strong, and forceful, and direct, and bold, and defiant, and assertive, and maybe even offensive.

Little girls hear over and over (sometimes indirectly and sometimes overtly) that they need to do whatever needs to be done to be liked and accepted.

Being alone has somehow become the ultimate sin.

And so, little girls learn to compromise themselves. They compromise their self worth, their safety, their trust in themselves, their self confidence, their personal space, their morals, and their faith.

But not every time.

In this episode

  • you’ll get to hear what it sounds like when a young woman does NOT allow someone to compromise herself.
  • You’ll get to see what a proud father looks like
  • You’ll gain permission to respond to your world in the same way.

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