Episode 8—Boundaries, Expectations, and Consequences


In our family, we do this weird thing and expect our kids to follow through on the responsibilities they’ve chosen. Taking out the trash. Cleaning the bathrooms. Washing the towels. And my daughter’s primary responsibility—cleaning the kitchen.

Sometimes she does a good job on this. Sometimes, not-so-much.

The battle has been the same for millennium—getting kids to a point where they start acting like responsible adults. Instead of hassling them, guilting them, nagging them, threatening them, begging them, bribing them, or manipulating them, there is a better way.

In This Episode

  • “We want you to have freedom as another adult in the family.”
  • How we approach kids when they’re lacking.
  • Slipping back into kid mode
  • Why my daughter actually likes boundaries and consequences
  • Technology Sabbath

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